Extravision - Extravision

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Extravision - Extravision

Extravision are a new post punk band based in Dublin featuring members of Sissy, Surge and No Spill Blood. Firmly rooted in punk but wanting to explore new sounds and melodies Leigh, Aoife and Legs (from Canadian punk band Siren Songs) came together to create something brand new. Their music is like a high tension wire. Melodic bass riffs, airy sustained guitar, heart-wrenching harmonies and pounding floor tom.

In the last year, Extravision recorded their first demo with their drummer Legs, who they then lost to the Vancouver punk scene but added No Spill Blood’s Ror to the lineup. Their song “Don’t Wanna Be Here” was recently included on the historic ‘Karate Club LP’, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the autonomous punk space in Dublin. They have also toured in the UK since starting to play together in 2017.

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