Art for Blind is a record label, distro and live music promoter. The label has led a nomadic existence since it's inception in 2004, moving from Barnsley to Leeds and then Cork and since 2014 Sligo has been called home.

The label has released over 60 records from bands and artists from Ireland, UK, Europe and United States including The Altered Hours, ELLLL, PowPig, Katie Kim, September Girls, Perfect Pussy and Wild Rocket. Alongside the label we have consistently traded releases with other similar-sized labels and cultivated a body of obscure independent music for sale at shows and online.

As music promoters, Art for Blind has been a vehicle for shows to happen that may not otherwise, this has been the case wherever we have been located but has taken on more importance in the last few years in Sligo. The approach has been the same to bring interesting national/international artists and bands to new audiences and to support local and emerging musicians with a platform to play live.

In 2019, we celebrate 15 years of the label with a weekend festival - the inaugural Spilt Milk AV festival which will take place from 22nd to 24th November in venues across Sligo town.